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Simple interaction.

Interaction Design.

A new discipline.

Interaction design is a fairly recent discipline, only in the last 15 years it has been studied seriously.

In the beginning, technical obastacles gave engineers, programmers and nerds in general control of the projects. This helped interaction design evolve quickly and today we have technologies allowing millions of colors, details, video, sound, 3D and multiple input devices, like keyboards, mouse, touch-screens, microphones, webcams, motion detectors, etc..

But this also brought a disadvantage, interactive products has always been relatively technical (nerdy).
Knowing the inner architecture (file systems, video wrappers, etc..) of the system is often a requirement to access content. Also, accelerated production times prevented correct testing of the pieces.
Somewhere between the technical skills requires and programming bugs, people started perceiving that using computers was quite an adventure.

Designing for people

Some interaction designers have criticized this situation. They know their products are used by different kinds of people, many times lacking any technical knowledge whatsoever. The accept that design should take those people in account, so that accessing content becomes a natural task, a trivial one, such as opening a book, looking into a magazine, switching tv channels, or using the elevator.

This is a requisite for the product to communicate whatever need to be communicated and then just get out of the way.
Is in this way that we think every design job we get assigned, wether its a website, a DVD, an interactive kiosk, or desktop applications.