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We design and build simple
interactive communication.

Simple Solutions.

We focus on the people.

Wether its a small institutional website, an eShop or a Customer Relations Management tool we make interactive products that help your clients or employees accomplish their goals fast and intuitively.

We know the standards.

Web sites are accessed using computers with different browsers, operative systems, and screen resolutions.
Mobile has arrived and different cell phone generations (GPRS, 3G, BlackBerry), palms, and even web robots like GoogleBot are visiting web sites everyday.
To allow everyone (and everything) access and understand the contents, we follow W3C recommendations.
We also follow the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) guidelines, so people with disabilities can access all web content equally.
By following standards, and improving accessibility, we also optimize contents for a transparent and clear inclusion in popular search engines.

Technologies? We focus on needs.

We listen to our customers before taking any decision. We try hard to avoid tech hype and we think there is no single way to do things. We evaluate objectively the utility of available technologies considering the different user needs and project timelines. With all gathered information, we suggest the most adequate solution for the project.